The resilient CDM-WALL-STRIP has been specially designed to minimize the flanking transmissions, and improve the vibration and structural noise isolation of load bearing walls.


System features:

  • High load capacity, offering a wide range of workloads
  • Tuned dynamic performance versus static stiffness
  • Structural function by decreasing cracks effects on the wall
  • Excellent resistance to alkaline water environment (direct contact with wet concrete)
  • Excellent adhesion to materials such as gypsum and concrete due to its rugged surface, ensuring an excellent lateral stiffness
  • Excellent long term behaviour (low creep / differential deflection)
  • Standard thicknesses of 5 and 10mm
  • Standard widths of 130 and 200 mm (other widths available on request)
  • Quick and easy to install


In order to specify the correct CDM-WALL-STRIP solution our engineers will need to know the required acoustic performance, wall type and dimensions, and possible live loads. If necessary this system can work in parallel with special resilient fastening systems, as CDM-WH, to reinforce the lateral stiffness of the isolated wall.

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