CDM-VHS Very High Stress bearings isolate buildings from vibration and structure-borne noise caused by trains or trams running nearby or underneath buildings. They are designed to support very large loads whilst being significantly smaller in plan dimensions than traditional elastomer bearings.


System features:

  • CDM-VHS bearings are constructed of alternate layers of high resilience elastomer pads and steel plates.
  • CDM-VHS bearings are available in different formats to offer performances between 8-18Hz natural frequency.
  • Steel parts are centrifugal hot dip galvanized.


System benefits:

  • CDM-VHS bearings provide the same acoustic performance as standard elastomer bearings which are more than twice their size; thereby having a significant impact on a buildings structural cost.
  • They are quick and easy to install, thereby minimizing associated labour costs. Top and bottom plates can be added to suit the specific method of installation.
  • Our engineers will design a configuration of CDM-VHS to best suit the structural element requiring support.
  • If required CDM-VHS bearings can be designed to be replaced one at a time using our “frozen bearing technique”

In order to specify the building isolation system our engineers will need to know the required natural frequency, permanent and variable loads, and lateral and turning forces.

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