CDM-SEB is a bespoke structural elastomeric bearing for the structural isolation of buildings and other structures.


System features:

  • CDM-SEB comprise a series of elastomer pads laminated to formwork on one or both sides
  • They can be designed to meet natural frequencies between 6 – 20Hz
  • CDM-SEB can be manufactured in a variety of dimensions to accommodate acoustic design loads up to 12MPa

System benefits:

  • Ease of installation
  • Lifespan of greater than 50 years
  • Versatility – CDM-SEB can be tailor made to accommodate all types of construction applications such as load bearing masonry, reinforced concrete frames and steel constructions
  • High lateral stiffness providing greater lateral stability

In order to specify the correct CDM-SEB bearings our engineers will need to know the required natural frequency, working dead and live loads and lateral and turning forces as well as practical information such as contact area and fixing locations if required.

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