CDM-RAFT is a resilient continuous supporting bearing system specially designed for raft foundations to protect the building from external vibrations generated especially by external nearby transport infrastructures.


System features:

  • Wide range of thicknesses for different isolation performances to meet natural frequencies as low as 10 Hz.
  • Available in different grades and shapes for a correct load tuning.
  • High resistance to the imposed actions during the installation and concrete pouring operations
  • Special shaped surface to reach high dynamic performances
  • Adaptable stiffness according to the applied loads
  • Based on proven materials over decades of applications

System benefits:

  • Stable long-term stiffness and dynamic performance
  • Low water absorption
  • High resistance to external factors as alkaline water (wet concrete)
  • Low creep behaviour
  • Easy and quick installation

In order to specify the correct CDM-RAFT solution our engineers will need to know the required natural frequency or isolation performance to be achieved, working dead and live loads, lateral and turning force as well as practical information such as available areas and lateral walls in the building perimeter.

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