CDM-QuietDECK is a high performance acoustic floating floor deck system. The system has a high bending stiffness for limited built-up height and therefore is well suited for transit areas inside buildings like parking, supermarket and warehouse application types.


System features:

  • High performance floating floor system for concrete and light wooden construction (joist floor) with large support spans
  • Available in two standard grades, depending on the performance request: CDM-QuietDECK-30 and CDM-QuietDECK-50
  • CDM-QuietDECK performances: Rw up to 75dB (STC up to 75dB),
    Lnw as low as 35dB (IIC up to 75dB) and ΔLnw up to 45dB (ΔIIC up to 45dB)
  • Can be changed to meet the project specifications in terms of natural frequency and damping requirements, Lnw (IIC) or Rw (STC)
  • High bending stiffness specifically for both restricted build-up height and limited extra weight applications
  • Extremely quick to install resulting in a cost effective solution
  • Sustainable and a wide list of applications with proven performance
  • CDM-QuietDECK steel parts are hot dip galvanised

The following information is required to enable our engineers to determine which CDM-QuietDECK system is required:

  • Weight of the floating floor to be supported
  • The type of use and the imposed dead and live loads on the floating floor
  • The required system natural frequency or sound insulation performance criteria (like Lnw, Rw or IIC, STC)
  • Possible floating floor limitations such as available space or extra weight


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