CDM-PHS, elastomer isolation hangers, and CDM-PHR, spring isolation hangers, are designed to support suspend heavy ceilings, walls, lighting rigs, ducts and pipework and isolate them from the main building structure.


System features:

  • Cost effective
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Standard elastomer hangers are as follows:
    CDM-PHS-150: 100-250N per hanger (10-25kg)
    CDM-PHS-500: 250-600N per hanger (25-60kg)
    CDM-PHS-1000: 500-1500N per hanger (50-150kg)
    CDM-PHS-1500: 1000-2000N per hanger (100-200kg)
  • Standard spring hangers are as follows:
    CDM-PHR-80: 50-100N per hanger (5-10kg)
    CDM-PHR-250: 150-350N per hanger (15-35kg)
    CDM-PHR-500: 250-600N per hanger (25-60kg)
    CDM-PHR-1000: 500-1500N per hanger (50-150kg)
    CDM-PHR-2000: 1500-2500N per hanger (150-250kg)
  • Natural frequency at design load between 8 and 10Hz for elastomer hangers and 4Hz for spring hangers
  • Can be used to hang down most suspended ceiling systems
  • Bespoke hangers can be manufactured to meet specific loading and natural frequency requirements on request
  • Steel elements are Zinc plated, springs are powder coated
  • System comes with perimeter isolation strip to isolate the perimeter of the ceiling from the surrounding structures

To specify which CDM-PHS or CDM-PHR hangers you require CDM’s engineers will need the following information:

  • The weight and construction of the supported ceiling – this will determine the type of hanger
  • The weight of any elements supported off the suspended ceiling or directly off a hanger
  • The required void between the supporting soffit and the suspended ceiling

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