CDM-MONT is an isolated floating floor system utilising reinforced steel boxes cast into concrete and jacked up, after the concrete has cured, to provide the required void depth.


System features:

  • CDM-MONT boxes can be provided with elastomer bearings giving a natural frequency of <10Hz, or spring mounts giving a natural frequency of 4.5Hz at design load
  • Standard CDM-MONT box heights are 100mm, 150mm and 200mm; however any height from 100mm upwards can be manufactured to special order
  • Jack-up heights from 20mm to 300mm can be achieved
  • The springs or elastomers within the CDM-MONT are easily accessible by unscrewing the box lid which means they can be changed at any time should there be a change to the loadings or performance criteria
  • All adjustments can be made without lowering the floor slab
  • Steel elements are centrifugal hot dip galvanised

The following information will be required for our engineers to determine which CDM-MONT system is required:

  • The weight of the floating floor to be supported by the CDM-MONT system
  • The imposed dead and live loads on the floating floor
  • The required natural frequency or sound insulation performance criteria

Once all the relevant information is available the design of the CDM-MONT floor is undertaken by our engineers and will include detailed drawings of the box locations, reinforcement and concrete.
Our team of specialist installers can undertake all aspects of the installation process, including the reinforcement and pouring of the concrete; however in situations where installation is by others then this should be under CDM supervision.


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