CDM-MACHINE-FLOAT is a pre-manufactured Floating Inertia Base system designed to minimise the vibration transmitted from a machine to its’ support.


System features:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Installation drawings clearly show the location of the panels and the system is installed like a simple jigsaw puzzle
  • Can be used to support all types of machines
  • Elastomer bearings or springs are fixed in the correct location to take the imposed loads
  • Sound absorption material can be fixed to underside of formwork if required
  • Lateral buffers can be provided if horizontal loads need to be controlled

The design of the CDM-MACHINE-FLOAT will be carried out by CDM’s engineers using the following information:

  • Weight of the inertia base to be supported on the CDM-MACHINE-FLOAT system
  • The imposed static load of the machine
  • The dynamic loads generated by the machine
  • The required vibration isolation performance criteria

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