CDM-LAT is an isolated steel floor batten system for the support of wet or dry floating floors and sprung-floor applications for dance, sport and theatre.


System features:

  • CDM-LAT is available in three standard grades: CDM-LAT-L (low stiffness) CDM-LAT-M (medium stiffness) and CDM-LAT-H (high stiffness)
  • The pads within the CDM-LAT can be changed to meet project specific natural frequency and damping requirements
  • Standard CDM-LAT system heights are 30mm, 40mm and 50mm; however other thicknesses can be manufactured to order
  • CDM-LAT can support a variety of formwork such as timber, metal decking or cement particle board
  • CDM-LAT floating floors are extremely quick to install and therefore provide a very cost effective solution
  • CDM-LAT steel parts are hot dip galvanised

The following information is required to enable our engineers to determine which CDM-LAT system is required:

  • Weight of the floating floor to be supported on the CDM-LAT system
  • The imposed dead and live loads on the floating floor
  • The required system natural frequency or sound insulation performance criteria


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