CDM-GYM systems are lightweight high performance acoustic floating floors for gyms and fitness areas that can be designed to provide any system height and meet the highest acoustic performance requirements.

To allow the selection of the best solution for the different gym activities, CDM-GYM standard solutions are combining different impact absorption, load distribution and resilient support layers.

System features:

  • Engineered floating floor systems which can be designed to accommodate any system depth
  • Lightweight floating floor options with reduced/minimal overall thickness
  • Tested and proven high levels of isolation performance, particularly at low frequencies
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Long-lasting and maintenance free
  • Cost effective high performance solution
  • If required, CDM-GYM can easily be dismantled and reinstalled at another venue

The Next Generation: CDM-dBooster®

A CDM-GYM with CDM-dBooster® is a free floating floor achieved by fixing a decoupling element to the resilient support system.

CDM-dBooster® is an innovative and proven concept which improves the isolation efficiency of CDM-GYM solutions. It’s making the gym floor system performance less dependent on the energy impact level.

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