CDM-FLOOR-T is a resilient floor batten system for the support of wet or dry floating floors with anchoring system to the base structure. The battens can be used even on inclined base structures to obtain a high acoustical performance.

CDM-FLOOR-T (Panelized Solution)
CDM-FLOOR-T (Concrete Solution)

System features:

  • CDM-FLOOR-T is a highly adaptable solution with multiple variations in height, load bearing capacity and performance
  • Can support a variety of formwork such as timber, metal decking or cement particle board
  • Easy and quick to install resulting in a very cost effective solution
  • Can be fixed what allows application on base structures with inclination up to 50°
  • Designed to resist shear and uplift forces
  • A resilient strip should be installed to decouple the floating floor or roof from the surrounding walls

The following information is required to enable our engineers to determine the CDM-FLOOR-T system:

  • Weight of the floating floor to be supported on the CDM-FLOOR-T system
  • The imposed dead and live loads, including wind loads for roof applications
  • The required system natural frequency or sound insulation performance criteria

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