CDM-FIX is a general elastic isolation fixation principle which guarantees total vibration decoupling from a non-isolated structure (suspended) to another isolated structure (supporting) which it is connected to in order to provide stability. If correctly designed it provides an effective reduction in noise and vibration energy transmission.


CDM-FIX system compromises 3 components:

  • the isolator: resilient bearing located between the structures which are to be decoupled.
  • the stabilizer(s): located in each fastening element to decouple them from the isolated structure whilst allowing the necessary torque load.
  • the flexible washer(s): located inside the fixing hole to decouple the fixing from the isolated structure.

System features:

  • CDM-FIX is a bespoke system which can be designed to accomodate any size or acoustic load and is compatible with any type of construction
  • Natural frequencies of 4-20Hz can be achieved by using either spring or elastomer isolators
  • Installation can be horizontal or vertical
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Provides a high degree of structural stability and up-lift force resistance due to the precompression controlled device
  • High shear stiffness for lateral force stability

In order to specify the correct CDM-FIX system our engineers will need to know the required natural frequency, working dead and live loads, available surface, fastening elements locations and pre-compression forces.

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