The CDM-FBT technique, which is patented, has been developed to maintain bearings in pre-compression until they can be installed. During the pre-compression process the dimensions of the bearings can be adapted to fit accurately into the required location and to take the desired load.


System features:

  • CDM-FBT is an effective method to maintain resilient bearings in a state of pre-compression
  • The CDM-FBT technique is a cost-effective solution when compared to more traditional methods of intervention
  • CDM-FBT technique enables:
    – bearing replacement without the need for major remedial works on site
    – the addition of bearings where structural loads have significantly increased
    – the addition of vibration isolation to existing structures which are undergoing renovation or change of use

The following information is required to enable our engineers to determine the CDM-FBT solution:

  • The (dead and live) loads to be taken by resilient bearing(s)
  • The required system natural frequency or dynamic stiffness of the bearing(s)
  • Details of the proposed location including dimensions and accessibility

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