CDM-BAT is a resilient continuous strip for wooden joist floors, to support wet or dry floating floors, with high acoustical isolation performance. It can be applied in new structures as well as in rehabilitations with special noise and vibration isolation requirements.


System features:

  • CDM-BAT characteristics can be adapted depending on the floor loads, available height and width and performance requirements
  • Performances of ΔLw > 15 dB can be reached
  • Applicable in a variety of structures and floating floors
  • Width and thickness of the strip can be adapted to the project
  • Easy and quick to install, providing a very cost effective solution
  • For optimum results a resilient perimeter strip (CDM-PERIMETER) should be used to decouple the floating floor from the adjacent walls.

The following information is required to enable our engineers to determine the CDM-BAT solution:

  • The weight of the floating floor (or roof) to be supported on the CDM-BAT system
  • The imposed dead and live loads
  • The distance between the wooden joists and the available width
  • The required natural frequency or sound insulation performance

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