Zala County Hospital

Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

Property owner

County Hospital

Main contractor



Zala-Art (István Czigány)

Acoustic consultant

Gusztáv Józsa

Structural engineer


floating floor for helipad

Building type




Intervention level


A fully isolated floating slab guarantees perfect acoustic decoupling of this helipad on top of the Zala County Hospital in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary.

In order to provide a faster emergency response time for South Eastern Hungary, the Zala County Hospital compound was equipped with a helicopter landing pad on top of the new paediatric building.

To isolate the landing pad from the rest of the building a high performance floating slab system, CDM-FLOAT, was designed to take a permanent load of up to 500 kg/m² plus an occasional temporary load for 1 helicopter of 400 kg/m².

Particular attention had to be paid to practical considerations such as drainage and thermal insulation of the building. Consequently, the slab was constructed with a horizontal bottom but with a slight incline on top to ensure no standing water was present on the landing pad. In addition, a thermal insulation layer was also installed in the air void which had to stay uncompressed even when the slab was already loaded in order not to influence the calculated performance of the floating floor.


Zala County Hospital – CDM-FLOAT
Zala County Hospital – CDM-FLOAT

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