Vogelpark De Pelikaan

Heemstede, The Netherlands

Property owner

Main contractor




Acoustic consultant


Structural engineer



Building type

Residential & Hotel

Intervention level


It was decided to isolate the building 9 dB at 16 Hz. CDM-SEB isolators were installed to comply with this demand, creating the necessary vibration cut around 8 Hz.

The “Pelikaan” in Heemstede is a residential building complex situated in close proximity of the train track between Leiden and Haarlem. The complex consists of about 100 houses, 50 luxury villas and 50 apartments.

The acoustic consultant LBP Sight carried out vibration measurements at several distances from the track. Based on the measurement results and Dutch standards it was decided to isolate the building 9dB at 16Hz. To comply with this demand, a vibration cut around 8 Hz is required.

For the vibration cut at 8 Hz a CDM-SEB was designed using the material CDM-83. During construction the deflection of the vibration dampers was measured and checked.

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