Vodafone Rua do Polo Sul

Lisbon, Portugal

Property owner

Vodafone Portugal

Main contractor



Alexandre Burmester & José Carlos Gonçalves

Acoustic consultant

Vitor Abrantes

Structural engineer



1300 m² street / car park

Building type


Intervention level


Thanks to a bespoke CDM-FLOAT solution offices located just on top of the car park and next to the street don’t suffer from structural noise problems anymore.

Vodafone Portugal transferred its new headquarter building to Rua do Polo Sul, Parque das Nações Zone (world exposition site – Expo98 Lisbon). The building comprises two blocks with a street running between them and car park access via a tunnel.

Structural noise was a problem in the offices located around the street and the car park entrance; especially below the street slab. Additional difficulty was caused by the sloping of the different floating slabs and the significant shear loads.

A CDM-FLOAT floating floor system with a resonance frequency of 12-13Hz was installed across the whole of the street slab using conical pads in the sloping zones and rectangular pads in the straight zone.


Vodafone Rua do Polo Sul – CDM-FLOAT
Vodafone Rua do Polo Sul – CDM-FLOAT

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