hub by Premier Inn Edinburgh Haymarket

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Property owner

Premier Inn

Main contractor



Archial Norr

Acoustic consultant


Structural engineer



39 MN CDM-SEB – 518 m² CDM-QuietDECK

Building type

Residential & Hotel

Intervention level


The guests in this new Premier Inn in Edinburgh enjoy a good night’s rest thanks to the complete isolation of this building.

A new hub by Premier Inn hotel has been built in Edinburgh on Torphichen Street which lies directly above one of the two running tunnels between Edinburgh’s Haymarket and Waverley stations.

The acoustic consultant specified that the building should be isolated on 8Hz bearings to make sure that structure-borne noise levels from trains did not disturb the occupants of the hotel.

The hotel was constructed as a Metsec frame on top of a one storey concrete frame. CDM-UK worked with the design team to develop an isolation system that consisted of a fully isolated slab at first floor level that the Metsec frame was built off.

Ground floor hotel rooms were built off floating floors to create box-in-box constructions and the lift pit also had a thick concrete floating floor to complete the isolation of the main hotel structure.

The type of construction created a moment frame that made the building extremely stable, sharing all horizontal and overturning forces across all of the bearings.


Project Reference – Torphichen Street – CDM-QuietDECK
Project Reference – Torphichen Street – CDM-QuietDECK

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