Theater Zuidplein ‘Kunstenpand’

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Property owner

Hart van Zuid

Main contractor

Heijmans, Ballast-Nedam, Baens afbouw


De Zwarte Hond, BURO M2R

Acoustic consultant


Structural engineer

Zonneveld ingenieurs b.v.


12.500 m²

Building type

Arts & Media

Intervention level



Zuidplein Theatre (Kunstenpand) is the new cultural hotspot of Rotterdam. Part of the ambitious ‘Hart van Zuid’ development surrounding the Ahoy Arena and Zuidplein Shopping Center, the 12.500 m² Zuidplein Theatre houses a lobby, two auditoriums, a café-restaurant and part of the Rotterdam Library. The semi-transparent veil-like façade is designed to draw passersby in, making art and culture accessible to a wider audience.

Due to strict noise regulations, the two auditoriums are positioned on the metro side, furthest away from the residential buildings. But in order to achieve the high level of sound insulation required, various CDM noise and vibration solutions were designed that meet the load specifications and acoustic requirements. CDM-SEB elastomeric bearings support the auditorium floors, while the walls are connected to the steel structure using the CDM-FIX system. CDM-CC60 acoustic ceiling hangers and elastomer wall strips add to the design.

Photography: Scagliola Brakkee

Theater Zuidplein – Kunstenpand
Theater Zuidplein – Kunstenpand – CDM-VHS
Theater Zuidplein – Kunstenpand – CDM-FIX & CDM-VHS
Theater Zuidplein – Kunstenpand – CDM-SEB

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