The Lighthouse

London, United Kingdom

Property owner

UK Real Estate

Main contractor

Balfour Beatty


Latitude Architects

Acoustic consultant

RBA Acoustics

Structural engineer



10Hz CDM-SEB bearings >25MN; > 50 no. other isolation details

Building type


Intervention level


This renovated building is a distinctive and beautiful landmark building that has achieved the required internal noise levels and delivered the customer a highly sought after office space after installation of top-class CDM solutions.

The Lighthouse building is directly adjacent to Kings Cross Station. It is built directly on top of the cut-and-cover district and circle line underground railway lines. The noise levels from trains running beneath were extremely loud in the existing building and not suitable for any modern-day function.

The new owner wanted to turn the building into high class office space but also needed to retain the listed facade and distinctive lighthouse feature.

CDM-UK worked with the design team to develop the isolation strategy to achieve acceptable internal noise levels whilst still supporting the non-isolated retained facade.

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