Smart Byty apartments

Prague, Czech Republic

Property owner

Trigema s.r.o.

Main contractor



Trigema s.r.o.

Acoustic consultant

Modus-Fz (Fülöp Augusztinovicz)

Structural engineer

STA-CON s.r.o.


492000 kN building base isolation

Building type

Residential & Hotel

Intervention level


All residents of these 4 Smart Byty buildings are enjoying, since their move, the quick access to the metro without being disturbed by it thanks to the installation of a CDM-SEB solution in each of the buildings.

SMART Byty apartment buildings are situated very close to Nové Butovice metro station and just a few metres from the tunnels in Prague. The roughly 300 apartments are equipped with energy-efficient intelligent technologies.

The tunnels next to the buildings posed a challenge for the designers to meet the strict noise level criteria. The acoustic study concluded that in order to remain below the limit in the apartments, the two buildings closer to the tunnel should be constructed on a 11 Hz system, while the other two buildings further from the tunnel require a system with a resonance frequency of 15 Hz.

Based on the vibration isolation study, CDM offered the CDM-SEB system for the project, with 50 mm and 30 mm high bearings. The vibration cut was located at Level -2, on top of the walls and columns, just below the floor slab of Level -1.

After the installation, the building received all the permits and the residents are enjoying, since their move, the quick access to the metro without being disturbed by it.


Smart Byty Apartments – CDM-SEB
Smart Byty Apartments – CDM-SEB

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