Prague, Czech Republic

Property owner

Daramis Group

Main contractor

IMOS Brno a.s.


LOXIA a.s.

Acoustic consultant


Structural engineer

STA-CON s.r.o.


270 MN building base isolation

Building type

Residential & Hotel

Intervention level


CDM-SEB bearings protect this new residential building from vibrations generated by the Metro Line B.

Sedmikraska residential building was commissioned by the Daramis Group in the 9th district of Prague located directly over the twin tunnels of the Metro Line B. Measurements confirmed that vibration isolation of the building was required; although this was already expected because all other new buildings in the area had been isolated or, if not, were having noise problems.

CDM-SEB elastomer bearings, with a design load of approximately 6 MPa, were installed at the top of pillars and walls just below the ground floor slab. Elevator shafts were isolated from every floor slab to provide resilient load transfer between the isolated and non-isolated structure.


Sedmikraska – CDM-SEB
Sedmikraska – CDM-SEB

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