Saints & Stars Gym

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Property owner

Saints & Stars

Main contractor

I.D. Bouw en Advies


Acoustic consultant

Het GeluidBuro

Structural engineer


122 m² of CDM-GYM-XP-S15-M60-dB Pulastic GT100 floor covering

Building type

Sports & Leisure


Gym & Sport

Intervention level



The futuristic and luxurious Saints & Stars gym in Amsterdam offers different high-intensity HIIT workouts and personal training sessions to help people get in shape.

To stop the transmission of unwanted noise and vibrations generated by the different gym activities toward the neighboring residential apartments, an “Extra Performance” CDM-GYM floating floor with dBooster® technology for added impact absorption and a 15mm CDM-GYMPACT impact absorption layer was installed by our local partner Delta-L.

Sound measurements have been carried out by Het GeluidBuro before and after the installation of the high-performance floating floor, showing that the requirements are met.

The “dry” build-up of the system with natural rubber pads, damping layers and impact insulation provides sufficient low-frequency noise isolation, without the need for a heavy concrete floating floor.

Because CDM-GYM-XP is lightweight and quick to install, it is the perfect solution for many existing buildings where the addition of a wet concrete floor is not possible or feasible. And because concrete curing times are no issue, Saints & Stars didn’t have to close for more than just a few days.


Saints & Stars – CDM-GYM-XP
Saints & Stars – CDM-GYM-XP
Saints & Stars – CDM-GYM-XP

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