Residential Building Casas do Mar

Estoril, Portugal

Property owner


Main contractor

ENGIMOV – Construções, S.A.


Acoustic consultant

P2S – Project S.A.

Structural engineer



Load: 17.667 kN & 1.500 lm CDM-WALL-STRIP

Building type

Residential & Hotel

Intervention level



With an architectural style of classic lines and a minimalist and contemporary interior design, the multi-family condominium “Casas do Mar” situated on the ocean front in São João do Estoril along the prestigious Cascais coast line houses three luxury apartments with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Because the apartment complex is located near the Cascais Railway Line, the acoustic consultant conducted research into vibrations and low frequency noise caused by rail traffic. Following vibration tests performed on site the acoustician designed a building base isolation system for the foundation level, using CDM-SEB elastomeric bearings.

CDM-WALL-STRIP high performance elastomeric strips are placed under all the inner walls to prevent airborne noise from causing a problem in the adjacent rooms.


Residential Building Casas do Mar
Residential Building Casas do Mar
Residential Building Casas do Mar

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