New University Building VU

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Property owner

Main contractor

Boele & Van Eesteren + Visser & Smit Bouw


Team V

Acoustic consultant


Structural engineer



decoupling of slimline floors and suspended ceilings

Building type


Intervention level


Thanks to the installation of CDM-STRIP, CDM-CC and CDM-PSJ, a combination of education, research and culture is possible in this new university building in Amsterdam!

On the Boelelaan and Campusplein in Amsterdam is the new university building VU, which houses flexible spaces for education, research and culture. For example, the lecture hall can be used for watching movies in the evening. The building has 7 floors on the campus side and 12 floors on the Boelelaan (total 31,000 m²). In the middle of the building is a large atrium, with a grand café and shops on the ground floor and library facilities on the first floor. An underground parking garage has been realised for 600 cars and 1,600 bicycles.

For the upper floors, Slimline floors were chosen, which are constructed from an 80 mm concrete base floor with steel beams on top. On the steel beams is a steel slab concrete floor installed. To achieve high sound insulation, Delta-L was commissioned by Voortman to advise and supply CDM rubber granulate overlay strips (type CDM-STRIP). The rubber overlay strips are fitted between the steel beams and the steel plate.

In addition, in a number of rooms, suspended ceilings have been constructed that are decoupled with acoustic ceiling hangers, type CDM-CC60 and CDM-PSJ, based on natural rubber with a low resonance frequency for high sound insulation. The CDM-CC60 is suspended at threaded rods and the CDM-PSJ is applied against the side of a wooden beam construction. By using the CDM-PSJ it was not necessary to install an extra construction between the wooden beams for the suspension.

In order to limit the vibration transfer from the floor to a number of walls, fixings were provided with acoustic decouplers: rubber strips were used and the bolted connections were decoupled using a CDM-FIX system.


New University Building VU – CDM-STRIP
New University Building VU – Ceiling Installation

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