Muziekpaleis Vredenburg

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Property owner

Muziekpaleis Vredenburg

Main contractor



Herman Hertzberger

Acoustic consultant


Structural engineer


4 new concert halls and a renovation of 1 concert hall

Building type

Arts & Media

Intervention level


During the renovation of Muziekpaleis Vredenburg 4 new stages were build, which have increased the total seating capacity to 5500.

The high acoustic performance which was specified for the new Muziekpaleis Vredenburg building was achieved by isolated box-in-box constructions compromising: CDM-FLOAT high performance floating floor, a combination of CDM-QR and CDM-WH hangers for the walls and CDM-CC60 hangers for the suspended ceilings.

Structural isolation of the building was achieved by using CDM-SEB bearings as lost formwork for in-situ poured concrete, CDM-STRIP for prefabricated concrete elements and CDM-FIX for decoupling structural steel elements.


Tilvoli Vredenburg
Tilvoli Vredenburg
Tilvoli Vredenburg
System solution: CDM-FBT

Existing floating floors were isolated using CDM's frozen bearings technique. The bearings, once defrosted, provided the required deflection and performance

Tilvoli Vredenburg Tilvoli Vredenburg

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