Monte da Virgem RTP

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Property owner

RTP-Radio e Televisão de Portugal

Main contractor

Soares da Costa


Arq. Fernando Lapa

Acoustic consultant

Structural engineer


studios and offices

Building type

Arts & Media

Intervention level


The high quality standards for this project obliged to invest in sound isolation solutions from CDM

RTP/RDP is the public Portuguese broadcasting corporation. In the new building at Monte da Virgem, eight new TV and Radio studios, and service offices, were designed and constructed according to high quality acoustic standards. This building is part of the RTP/RDP northern production and broadcasting center, which have both TV and Radio productions studios, and service offices in the same building facilities.

The following solutions were installed according to the project technical specifications:

  • CDM-WALL-STRIP with 10 mm thickness for brick wall desolidarisation concerning airborne and flanking transmission isolation (studio and office brick walls).
  • CDM-MTA-8/4 for 40 mm thick floating slab – isolation of Lw 24dB (office floors).
  • CDM-MONT-100 for 100 mm thick floating slab – isolation with Fn 8Hz (studio floors).


Monte da Virgem RTP – CDM-MONT
Monte da Virgem RTP – CDM-MONT
Monte da Virgem RTP – CDM-MAT

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