Luka Living Rental Apartments

Prague, Czech Republic

Property owner

Hinton a.s.

Main contractor

Prumstav a.s.


CAMA Architekti s.r.o.

Acoustic consultant

Modus-FZ (Fülöp Augusztinovicz)

Structural engineer

Building s.r.o.


443 600 kN

Building type

Residential & Hotel

Intervention level


Thanks to the installation of a 3-layer CDM-VHS system the noise level in this building, located next to a metro station, is perfect conform the Czech regulations.

BD Luka is a new residential building with 3 basement floors and 16 floors above ground. The investor has built these apartments not to be sold, but to rent them for long term.

Since the building is situated right next to Luka Station on line B of the Prague metro network, it posed a challenge for the designers to meet the noise level criteria. The vibration isolation study concluded that in order to reach this value for the apartments, the vibration isolation system needed to have a resonance frequency of maximum 13 Hz.

The height of the building and the resulting load values made it almost impossible to propose any other solutions than CDM-VHS which can take up to 12 MPa. The vibration cut was located mostly above ground level which allowed a clear approach for modelling and a solution without perimeter isolation. The investor chose the 3-layer CDM-VHS bearings (having a resonance frequency of 13 Hz).

After the installation, the measured noise levels in the apartments were very similar to the estimations based on the FEM model. The noise limits were achieved. The building was also awarded for its architectural features by the Czech real estate developers.


Luka Living Rental Apartments
Luka Living Rental Apartments

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