King’s Cross Bridge

London, United Kingdom

Property owner

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Acoustic consultant

RBA Acoustics

Structural engineer




Building type


Intervention level



King’s Cross Bridge is a new commercial and retail development which sits directly on the Circle and District Line tunnels right next to King’s Cross Station. The level of noise and vibration from the underground trains meant that the existing building was not viable for any modern occupational use.

RBA Acoustics specified that the building must be isolated on the best practically available building isolation and CDM-UK was chosen to supply and install CDM-CHR-BOX pre-compressed springs.

The CDM-CHR-BOX bearings were adapted to have top baseplates that matched exactly the column baseplates and bottom plates that allowed them to be fixed down to the substrate. Each CDM-CHR-BOX was levelled to make the top plate within a tolerance of 2 mm and this made the installation of the steel frame exceptionally fast.

The completed building has achieved the required noise and vibration targets.


Kings Cross Bridge – UK – CDM-CHR-BOX

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