Kings Club

Toronto, Canada

Property owner

First Capital Realty

Main contractor



Tact Architecture

Acoustic consultant

Valcoustics Canada Ltd

Structural engineer

Peter Sheffield & Associates Ltd. & Sigmund Soudack & Associates


150 MN

Building type

Residential & Hotel

Intervention level


Situated meters from the Lakeshore GO railway line, 1m wide crash wall connected to the Kings Club building structure at the parking level slabs, 5-levels below ground. In total 860 linear metres of isolation joint was needed, to separate the crash wall and parking level slabs.

At the Kings Club apartment building in Toronto, the acoustic consultant conducted on site measurements and recommended 95% isolation efficiency for a 40 Hz train excitation frequency. It was determined the original 75 Durometer continuous neoprene strip would not provide the acoustical isolation requirements.

CDM-SEB vertical “mechanically fastenless” solution was created to meet the acoustical and structural requirements, while offering a faster and more inexpensive installation plan, by omitting metal fixations.

A total of 1,738 CDM-SEB bearings were used, with a multitude of pad spacing configurations to cope with the variation of structural loads, providing a 98.5% isolation efficiency solution.


Kings Club – CDM-SEB
Kings Club – CDM-SEB

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