Hospital da Luz Lisboa

Lisbon, Portugal

Property owner

Grupo Espirito Santo Saúde

Main contractor

Edifer / Obrecol



Acoustic consultant

Engenharia de Acústica e Ambiente

Structural engineer


2000 m² CDM-MONT

Building type


Intervention level


The objective of the owner of new private Luz hospital was to have the best equipped private hospital in Lisbon. In order to realize this high quality towards the patients on every possible level, a lot of attention was paid to acoustic isolation issues.

The Hospital da Luz Lisboa represents a new concept for private hospitals in Portugal. The hospital consists of three different buildings, which are directly connected to one another. The different buildings include: the emergency and operation section, the residential section (short to normal stay) and the senior section (for long-term stays).

One of the main acoustical issues concerned the location of the technical rooms (for HVAC) right above the surgery spaces and patient rooms.

In order to reach a suitable noise level just below the HVAC equipment, the entire technical floor was made floating by means of a jack up system. A surface of approx. 2000 m² was treated with the CDM-MONT-100 system to create a 100 mm thick reinforced concrete floor. The floating floor was divided into different sections, having different inclinations, to allow for a good drainage in case of leakage of equipment.


Hospital da Luz Lisboa – CDM-MONT
Hospital da Luz Lisboa – CDM-MONT

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