Goldman Sachs

London, United Kingdom

Property owner

Goldman Sachs

Main contractor

Brookfield Multiplex


Kohn Pederson Fox

Acoustic consultant

Sandy Brown

Structural engineer



720 m² CDM-QuietDECK – 7 MN CDM-SEB

Building type




Intervention level


This new building, named the ‘groundscraper’ due to its mammoth size, comprises a 10 Hz isolation system to protect the auditorium from tube train noise.

The new Headquarters of Goldman Sachs in London is in a great location on Farringdon Street in the City of London. This massive office development of 1.1 million square feet includes a large auditorium which is isolated to protect it from tube train noise and to protect the rest of the building.

Sandy Brown specified that the box-in-box construction needed 10Hz bearings supporting it.

CDM-UK worked with Byrne Brothers to design supply and install the concrete floating floors and structural bearings. The complicated 3-dimensional space is supported on 5 separate floating floors with bearings beneath designed to take the column loads.

The floating floors consist of CDM-QuietDECK isolation rails supporting CDM-QuietDECK composite metal decking, reinforcement and concrete.

Some of the columns are supported on CDM-SEB bearings located outside of the floating floor areas.

The new building has been named the ‘groundscraper’ due to its mammoth size – it will become one of London’s new collection of landmark buildings.


Project Reference – Goldman Sachs – CDM-QuietDECK

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