Gimlet Media

Brooklyn, NY, The United States

Property owner

Gimlet Media

Main contractor

Nucor Construction Corp.


TPG Architecture, LLP

Acoustic consultant

WSDG – Walters Storyk Design Group

Structural engineer


531 sq-ft

Building type

Arts & Media

Intervention level



When Gimlet Media – the award-winning podcast production company behind hit podcasts like ‘Reply All’ and ‘Homecoming’ – decided to move into a new headquarters last year, the company took over 28,000 square feet of space in the Pioneer Building, a converted storage building in Downtown Brooklyn (NY) that has undergone a $30 million makeover.

In addition to the 12 podcast spaces, the production facility also boasts a traditional recording studio with extra noise isolation and a 375-sq-ft live room. With space at a premium, there was no way for Gimlet Media to isolate the spaces with distance between the rooms. However, because multiple projects are going on simultaneously, robust noise and vibration isolation between studios was an absolute must.

A CDM-DPM engineered floating floor system with discrete isolators, pre-cut batt insulation and perimeter isolation was installed to decouple Gimlet Media’s live room and control room, used for music production and more complex projects.

Gimlet Media_CDM-DPM
Gimlet Media_Control Room 787_Photos by Cheryl Fleming Photography

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