Galleria Office Building

Aalst, Belgium

Property owner

Aalst, NMBS-Groep & De Lijn

Main contractor



HUB Architecture BVBA

Acoustic consultant


Structural engineer


Vertical installation CDM-RAFT

Building type


Intervention level



The works on the shuttle parking of the station of Aalst and its surroundings are nearing completion. The site will include a parking building, bicycle sheds, a new Denderplein, housing and a ‘Galleria’ building with offices for SNCB staff.

The station and its surroundings will become a modern and accessible hub for trains, buses, cars, bicycles and pedestrians. The city of Aalst, the SNCB Group and De Lijn are jointly investing 40 million euros in the embellishment of the Aalst railway station district.

At the back of the train station, along the railway embankment, work is in full swing on a new parking building with a covered bicycle shed for some 800 two-wheelers. Between the existing and new underpass to the railway platforms will be the so-called ‘Galleria building’ with shops on the ground floor and above it offices and technical classrooms of the SNCB. Both the shuttle car park and the Galleria office building should be completed by the end of next year.

In order to limit the propagation of ground-borne noise and vibrations from the adjacent tracks to the new building, a CDM-RAFT solution was applied over the entire length of the 50 metre long and 6.5 metre high soil mix wall. After unrolling the rubber acoustic insulation mat from above, a wall in reinforced concrete was poured against it. By applying this extra damping layer, vibrations are not given free rein and the building and its occupants are protected against unwanted vibrations and the associated noise.


Galleria Office Building Aalst
Galleria Office Building Aalst

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