Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace

Budapest, Hungary

Property owner

Four Seasons

Main contractor

CFE Hungary


Formanyelv Stúdió

Acoustic consultant


Structural engineer


fitness suite

Building type

Residential & Hotel


Gym & Sport

Intervention level


Thanks to the installation of a CDM-LAT solution, guests of this luxury hotel can sleep whilst other guests are training in the gym above their rooms.

The 100 year old Art Nouveau Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace in Budapest is located opposite the historic 150 year old Chain Bridge and Royal Palace.

During recent renovations a fitness room was located directly above some of the Palace’s most exclusive rooms and there was concern that noise generated from activities in this new suite would cause a problem to guests accommodated below.

A CDM-LAT floating floor was selected because it has a proven success rate in many similar projects across Europe and because the system is easy to install. The CDM-LAT floor was designed to provide maximum isolation and minimum deflection.


Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace – CDM-LAT
Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace – CDM-LAT

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