Festival Theatre

Budapest, Hungary

Property owner

Main contractor

ARCADOM Építőipari Zrt.


Zoboki, Demeter és Társaik

Acoustic consultant

AFT Akusztika

Structural engineer

Földvári Mérnökiroda


105 MN building base isolation

Building type

Arts & Media

Intervention level


Nearby tram, rail and road traffic made it impossible to construct this high quality building without isolation measures. CDM-CAS-BOX was installed to make sure no surrounding noise would get into the building.

The Festival Theatre is one of the two halls inside the Palace of Arts in the new Millennium City Centre in Budapest. It provides a high quality environment for a diverse range of theatrical performances including drama, folk music and traditional Hungarian dancing.

An acoustic survey, prior to construction, indicated that low frequency isolation would be required to protect the building from noise and vibration from nearby rail, tram and road traffic and a maximum resonance frequency of 10 Hz was specified. CDM-CAS-BOX, which is a pre-compressed elastomer bearing system, was selected to provide isolation to the 10,500 tonnes hall. Additional isolation using CDM-CR bearings was also provided for some of the building’s structural walls.

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