EDP Building

Porto, Portugal

Property owner

EDP-Energias de Portugal

Main contractor

Casais-Engenharia e Construção


APEL Arquitectura

Acoustic consultant

Acústica & Ambiente

Structural engineer


roof plant

Building type


Intervention level


Due to the high acoustic requirements in these 2 high standard twin office buildings, all special equipment is located on the roofs, on a specially designed and unique floating slab.

Located in a special place of Porto at Boavista Avenue close to “Casa da Música” (an exuberant and popular music hall), ADICAIS developed two high standard and twin office buildings, called the EDP Building.

Due to the high standard acoustic requirements followed, all special equipments are located in the roofs, over a specially designed unique isolated floating slab.

To avoid any structure born transmission to the building a high performance CDM-MACHINE-FLOAT system was developed to accomplish the requirements.

Specified performance design:

  • Natural Frequency ≤ 8 Hz / pad
  • Acoustic Dead Load: 7,0 kN/m2
  • Concrete slab thickness: 100 mm



Equipment installed on floating floor

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