Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Property owner

Gemeente Nijmegen

Main contractor

Klokbouw BV Nijmegen, ed. Züblin AG Duisburg


Jan Dekker AGS architecten

Acoustic consultant

Peutz B.V. – Royal HaskoningDHV

Structural engineer


2 podia in residential building

Building type

Arts & Media

Intervention level


This brand new building situated next to the Central Station of Nijmegen is a unique combination of 350 student flats and the new location for “Doornroosje”, a music center with a big concert hall and a smaller hall. CDM supplied a replaceable isolation system to limit the noise and vibrations generated by the nearby train traffic.

To increase the comfort of the users with respect to noise and vibrations generated by the nearby train traffic, it was decided to put the entire Doornroosje music center on a building base isolation system with a decoupling frequency of approximately 10Hz. The installed isolation system is a CDM-VHS solution, being resilient bearings made of rubber layers separated by larger steel plates.

Under the tallest part of the building, the CDM-VHS elements have been installed under the columns in such a way that the elements can be replaced in case of damage. This was an explicit requirement for acceptance of the solution put forward by the Government of Nijmegen.


Doornroosje – CDM-VHS
Doornroosje – CDM-VHS

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