Dissenso Studio

São Paulo, Brazil

Property owner


Main contractor

Royal Obras


Ana Claudia Pastina

Acoustic consultant

Giner Audio Solution

Structural engineer


52 m² recording studios

Building type

Arts & Media

Intervention level


A CDM-MONT floating floor guarantees a top quality for recording, rehearsal and DVD production in the Dissenso Studios at São Paolo.

Dissenso studio located at São Paulo city in Brazil was designed for top quality recording, rehearsal studio and DVD production. José Carlos Giner, one of the most know acoustic consultant in Brazil, defined a high top isolation performance solution based on the box-in-box system, which means the studio room is completely elastically decoupling from the exterior structure.

The floating floor with 150 mm thickness is supported by springs with a natural frequency around 4,5 Hz, integrated in CDM-MONT boxes. On top of the floating slab and around all the perimeter the walls and ceiling are supported. Due to the concentration loads on the perimeter it was necessary to reinforce the CDM-MONT boxes in that zone, with high load capacity springs. This special isolation system is based on reinforced steel boxes cast into concrete and jacked up after the concrete has cured. The design of the boxes allows the inspection of the springs and if necessary the replacement of them.

Main technical specification details of the CDM-MONT-150 system developed:

  • System based on discrete steel boxes with springs inside;
  • Jack-up floating slab system (after the slab concrete has cured);
  • Special system which allow inspection and replacing operations if loading or performance criteria change;
  • Average surface load (ADL = 4,6 kN/m2);
  • Extra linear load (wall & ceiling) = 16,5 kN/lm;
  • Reinforced concrete floating slab with 150 mm;
  • Designed natural frequency of the springs ≤ 5 Hz.


Dissenso Studio – CDM-MONT
Dissenso Studio – CDM-MONT

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