Antwerp, Belgium

Property owner

Delhaize Supermarkets

Main contractor


Acoustic consultant

Eva International, Bruges

Structural engineer


+- 400 m² supermarket under and next to dwellings

Building type


Intervention level


Neighbours of this supermarket are not disturbed by rolling pallet stackers and shopping carts thanks to the installation of a floating floor on CDM-MAT.

In order to reduce the disturbing low-frequent noise generated by rolling pallet stackers and shopping carts in the Delhaize supermarket in Antwerp, towards neighbours living above or in the adjacent building, the acoustical consultant proposed to install a floating floor system.

For practical reasons, a surface mat was chosen of the type CDM-RR with a wavy layout, namely CDM-43017/9. The material was delivered in rolls, to guarantee an easy & quick installation. The rolls were put exactly next to each other, leaving no gaps or holes.

Along the walls at the perimeter of the floor, and also around the columns, the decoupling was done with an upstanding (glued) lateral isolation strip of CDM-43 in 10 mm (full thickness). Before pouring the approx. 100 mm thick, steel-reinforced concrete, a plastic protection sheet was installed over the elastic mat to prevent concrete water penetrating into the mat.


Delhaize – CDM-MAT
Delhaize – CDM-MAT

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