Dalston Junction S5 & S6

London, United Kingdom

Property owner

Barratt Homes

Main contractor

Barratt Homes


Goddard Manton

Acoustic consultant

Rupert Taylor

Structural engineer



3.5Hz CDM-CHR-BOX and 15Hz CDM-SEB bearings

Building type

Residential & Hotel

Intervention level


This building located right on top of a turnout in the railway is partially supported on CDM-CHR-BOX, partially on CDM-SEB.

The Dalston Square development includes several residential blocks. Along one side of the square the buildings are supported off the roof of the tunnel over Dalston Junction railway station.

Buildings S5 & S6 are located directly over a turnout in the railway which generates vibration levels that required the buildings to be isolated on 3.5Hz spring isolation bearings.

The part of the building over the tunnel is supported on 3.5Hz CDM-CHR-BOX springs bearings with the remainder of the building supported off CDM-SEB bearings.

To achieve a 3.5Hz performance with a spring solution a 20mm deflection is required. For an elastomer solution static and dynamic tests were carried out to verify the natural frequency to the acoustic consultants satisfaction.

The CDM-CHR-BOX spring bearings are pre-compressed in the CDM factory in Belgium using a calibrated press to ensure that the pre-compression deflection matches the force applied. This ensures that the springs supplied are designed to meet the loads given by the structural engineer and give the required deflection.

The design of the CDM-CHR-BOX pre-compressed spring boxes was slightly adapted to Dalston Square to incorporate a disproportionate collapse detail that ensures that the building will be stable even in the event of one of the columns being removed.


Dalston Junction S5 & S6
Dalston Junction S5 & S6

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