Cutler Fitness by Allure

Eger, Hungary

Property owner

Alaszka-Bau Kft.

Main contractor


Acoustic consultant

László Ilyés, Róbert Csott (’95 Apszis Bt.,)

Structural engineer


253 m²

Building type

Residential & Hotel


Gym & Sport

Intervention level



In the historic town of Eger, known for its castle, thermal springs and baroque buildings, lies the newly built Cutler Fitness by Allure, a 5.000 m² hotel, sport and wellness center. Here, at the foot of the Bükk mountain range, Alaszka-Bau Kft. constructed a luxury housing and modern sports and recreation center for locals and tourists alike.

The complex comprises four separate units: a 20-bedroom hotel, a fully equipped gym, a luxurious spa and a restaurant that fits the healthy lifestyle promoted. To shield the rest of the hotel and spa of unwanted noise and vibrations coming from the fitness area, a CDM-FLOOR-T acoustic floating floor was installed. This resilient floor batten system capable of supporting both wet and dry floating floors can be anchored to the structural floor, allowing for inclinations. Thanks to the natural rubber isolator pads and the 104 mm air void, on top of which a thick screed floor was installed, the required noise isolation was achieved.

Cutler Fitness by Allure

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