Crunch Fitness

New York, The United States

Property owner

Crunch Fitness

Main contractor

Corcon Construction


OGP Architects

Acoustic consultant

Structural engineer


105 m²

Building type

Residential & Hotel


Gym & Sport

Intervention level


Thanks to the installation of a CDM-GYM solution, the users of the residential units in the building where this Crunch Fitness is located don’t suffer from all noise produced during gym activities.

This boot camp style fitness studio on the main floor of a residential tower in New York City is the 8th Crunch Fitness where a CDM-GYM floating floor system has been installed.

The main concern in this project is the impact noise from boot camp activities such as dropped weights, battle ropes, slam balls and flipped tires radiating through the structure to residential units above.

To avoid reradiation, a CDM-GYM solution was installed. In this specific project, the CDM-GYM-XP-dB was selected as the best solution, which was modified to accommodate the limited buildup height available.


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