Canal 11 Studio

Lisbon, Portugal

Property owner

Federação Portuguesa de Futebol (FPF)

Main contractor




Acoustic consultant

Engenharia de Acústica e Ambiente, Lda.

Structural engineer


245 m²

Building type

Arts & Media

Intervention level



Canal 11 (Channel 11 in English) is the subscription television channel of the Portuguese Football Federation. Besides covering live soccer matches of Portuguese teams, the sports channel brings programs about beach soccer and the women’s competition. Canal 11 also brings in-depth stories about Portuguese soccer players and live debates.

Constructed south of the new sports pavilion ‘Football City’ (CF – Cidade do Futebol) in a lush green part of Oeiras, Canal 11 studio comprises almost 250 m² of recording studios, office space, etc.

The geometric configuration of white cubic volumes was partly constructed using prefabricated metal modules, with the biggest cube being approximately 13 meters high. Offices and lounges overlook the training pitches in front of the building complex.

To isolate the technical equipment room located directly above the main television studio, a CDM-LAT isolated steel floor batten system was installed beneath the timber floating floor made of double layered calcium-sulfate panels.

The CDM-LAT channel system was custom-engineered to cope with different permanent loads (technical equipment) and achieve a natural frequency of 7 to 9 Hz, preventing unwanted noise and vibrations from reaching the television studio below and interfering with the live broadcasts.


Photography: Carolina Delgado

Canal 11 Studio
Canal 11 Studio

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