Basic-Fit Lillénium

Lille, France

Property owner


Main contractor



Acoustic consultant


Structural engineer


463 m² CDM-GYM-XP; 413 m² CDM-GYM-SP; 242 m² CDM-GYM-HP

Building type

Arts & Media


Timber construction

Intervention level



Located on the second floor of the new Lillénium shopping center, in Lille, France, this new Basic-Fit club represents a further step in the growth strategy of one of the largest fitness chains in Europe.

Basic-Fit Lillénium is open between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. and between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. on weekends. The club offers multiple activities including a GXR room, a virtual spinning room, a functional and lightweight lifting zone, and the typical cardio, power and free-weight zones, all equipped with Matrix fitness equipment. With this wide range, it’s almost impossible not to move. However,
all these activities generate significant amounts of airborne and structural impact noise.

Immediately above and adjacent to the club are several shops, whose opening hours are largely the same as those of Basic-Fit Lillénium.


  • CDM-GYM-XP with GYMPACT45 and dBooster®
    technology in the free, lightweight and functional areas
    High mechanical resistance and acoustical
    performance with a lightweight isolated floating
    floor system.
  • CDM-GYM-HP in the strength area
    Isolated floating floor to reduce the impact noise
    generated by the free fall of heavy stacks in
    weightlifting machines.
  • CDM-GYM-SP in the cardio zone and the GXR room
    A stable full-surface floor system able to improve the
    acoustics in areas with rhythmic and synchronized

The isolation of the most critical areas with CDM solutions allows gym visitors, shoppers and visitors to coexist without disturbing one another.

Basic-Fit Lillénium
Basic-Fit Lillénium
Basic-Fit Lillénium

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