Basic-Fit Boulevard de Strasbourg

Paris, France

Property owner


Main contractor


Acoustic consultant

Structural engineer


106 m² CDM-GYM-XP & 40 m² CDM-GYM-SP

Building type

Sports & Leisure


Gym & Sport

Intervention level



Boulevard de Strasbourg is a major thoroughfare, located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Basic-Fit Boulevard de Strasbourg is located on the ground floor of a multipurpose building that also houses apartments and offices. Adjacent are shops and a restaurant (structurally connected).

Basic-Fit Boulevard de Strasbourg is a gym with different workout areas: cardio area, functional zone, spinning room, strength zone and free weight lifting areas. Most of these areas are isolated from one another and are located in different rooms. Because of that, it was easier to understand the main noise concerns and define the noise levels that are generated in each space. Accordingly, we were able to propose the right solution for each zone.

From October 14 to November 1, Basic-Fit Boulevard de Strasbourg was closed for maintenance works. During this period, it was possible to install two CDM-GYM solutions:

  • 106 m² of CDM-GYM-XP with a high performance impact layer (CDM-GYMPACT45) and dBooster® technology for the free weight lifting area, improving the noise levels in surrounding
    rooms as well as making the performance of the floating floor less dependent on the impact energy;
  • 40 m² of CDM-GYM-SP was installed in the cardio area, bringing the desired acoustical performance with a floor system with low deformation, compatible with comfort of use and live load conditions (heavy equipment storage with their load concentrated on its feet).

Fitness enthusiasts are now able to exercise to their heart’s content without having to worry that their activities are disturbing the neighbors. The intervention was quick and easy, allowing Basic-Fit Boulevard de Strasbourg to reopen in only a couple of days. The installed floating floors did not add too much weight or height and the client was able to reuse their rubber tiles as finishing layer.


Basic-Fit Boulevard de Strasbourg – CDM-GYM-XP
Basic-Fit Boulevard de Strasbourg – CDM-GYM-SP

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