Basic-Fit Aubervilliers

Aubervilliers, France

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Acoustic consultant


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430 m² + 177 m²

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Sports & Leisure


Gym & Sport

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A new floating floor using CDM-XP-GYMPACT 45 dBooster and CDM-GYM-HP was installed to prevent the transmission of noise and vibration from heavy fitness equipment being dropped on the floor to the adjacent apartments.

Acoustic problems in fitness rooms are reputed to be the most complex to solve given the number of parameters that come into play. Nature and thickness of the support floor, location of the club in relation to residential properties, type of building, and so on are all crucial elements to consider.

As the Basic-Fit gym in Aubervilliers is located on the ground floor of a 6-storey residential building, residents at all levels complained just after its opening about the vibration nuisances caused by heavy dumbbells and other weights being dropped on the floor and the noise caused by large exercise equipment such as rowing machines.

After an initial acoustical treatment proved to be unsuccessful, the owner hired a second acoustic consultant who submitted several proposals with different acoustic floor suppliers, including CDM. After a thorough study and on site testing, the results obtained on the CDM test platform proved to be the most conclusive.

CDM therefore proposed a different solution with CDM-XP-GYMPACT 45 dBooster for the ‘free and functional weight’ zone and CDM-GYM-HP for the so called ‘force’ zone in the gym.

Even if it is not the parameter that prevails first, both systems have a resonance frequency of 9Hz.

The CDM-XP-GYMPACT45 dBooster system has the particularity of pushing the limits of dry acoustic screeds by seeking out very low frequency (31H) noise, even if the regulation is limited to 125Hz.

In order to avoid any misuse, CDM proposed to install the floor, following tests carried out with dumbbells being dropped on the floor from approximately 1 m, generating noise levels up to 55 dB(A) in Leq, or deadlifts from 80 kg producing more than 42 dB(A) in the apartment above the gym.

We have succeeded in reducing the noise by 30 dB(A) overall, to get to:
– An overall emergence of 1 dB(A)
– A 31.5 Hz of 6 dB max
– At 63 Hz of 8 dB max
– At 125 Hz of 4 dB max

Basic-Fit Aubervilliers – CDM-GYM
Basic-Fit Aubervilliers – CDM-GYM
Mustapha B.

As expected, we no longer experience any noise nuisance now that the gym located under our apartment is acoustically improved. Congratulations!

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