Basic-Fit Amiens

Amiens, France

Property owner


Main contractor


Acoustic consultant


Structural engineer


155 m²

Building type

Sports & Leisure


Gym & sport

Intervention level


A new flooting floor using CDM-GYM-LATM50 was installed to prevent the transmission of noise and vibration from heavy fitness equipment being dropped on the floor to the underlying offices.

Aware that poor acoustics are often a problem in fitness rooms, Basic-Fit Amiens decided to install a CDM-GYM impact resilient floating floor to absorb the vibrations caused by dumbbells being dropped on the floor.

Together with the acoustic consultant, CDM Group has used its know-how and expertise to find an effective solution while saving their customer money. with more than 25 years of experience in the field of floating floors, the dedicated team installed a new floor using CDM products such as CDM-GYM-LATM50.

Harsh sounds and vibrations are blocked from traveling through the building structure, causing nuisance to neighbours and guests.


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