BAM Karaoke

Bordeaux, France

Property owner


Main contractor

Josso Concept


Josso Concept

Acoustic consultant


Structural engineer


76 m² of jack-up floor

Building type


Intervention level


Enjoying a great evening with friends or family while singing becomes even more fun thanks to the good acoustic insulation between the different rooms in this karaoke venue!

Inspired by the concept of the Asian-born karaoke box, BAM Karaoke Box reinvents karaoke and creates a truly liberating experience.

With this new entertainment, it is essential to offer users a comfortable environment to have a good time, for this reason, good sound insulation is essential.

The company JOSSO CONCEPT, in charge of the project, requested the services of CDM to provide a jackable floating floor system. CDM proposed the CDM-MONT system with springs for the isolation of the 7 rooms, all with different dimensions. The resonance frequency of the isolation system could not exceed 6Hz.

After the pouring and drying of the concrete floating slab, the CDM-MONT boxes incorporated in the floating slab allow to lift the slab and a 50 mm void is obtained to meet the isolation requirement.


BAM Karaoke – CDM-MONT
BAM Karaoke – CDM-MONT

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