Atlântico Blue Studios

Paço de Arcos, Portugal

Property owner

Atlântico Blue Studios

Main contractor

Pereira & Coutinho, S.A.


Marcelo Tavares

Acoustic consultant

Structural engineer



Building type

Arts & Media

Intervention level



Atlântico Blue Studios, a state-of-the-art recording venue located just a few kilometers from Lisbon, reflects Portugal’s rich nautical history with ocean waves referenced throughout its design and construction. The Atlântico Blue Studios positions itself as a multicultural space that to brings together musical leads from the many shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

The studio complex is the largest of its kind in Europe, comprising a large hall suitable for orchestras, a smaller studio for bands and a mastering studio, as well as several production studios. Equipped for all types of audio recording, mixing and mastering, boasting the latest 5.1 surround sound systems, the Atlantico Blue Studios are the perfect venue to complete a project from start to finish. From start to finish.

To prevent noise pollution from interfering with the recording work in the different studios, high-performance CDM-WALL-STRIPS and CDM-WH wall fix isolators were used to decouple the inner walls of the building complex. Resilient CDM-WALL-STRIPS placed around all single cement/sand wall blocks in combination with the CDM-WALL-FIX resilient stability connections guarantee optimum vibration decoupling. A specially designed CDM-FLOAT system was installed in the floor to guarantee optimum vibration control between the different studio spaces.


Atlantico Blue Studios – CDM-WH – CDM-WALL-STRIP – CDM-FLOAT
Atlantico Blue Studios – CDM-WH
Atlantico Blue Studios – CDM-WALL-STRIP

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